At Aspen Sales Group, we sit down with the manufacturer or inventor of a product in order to learn about their vision, hopes and dreams to either introduce a new product in the correct market or to design and implement a plan to increase penetration of an existing product in new markets. With extensive knowledge and experience in industrial sales, food service and retail we have the skills to analyze and the creativity to design a marketing strategy. We carefully follow consumer trends and anticipate changes in the market place to be on the forefront of change and innovation. One such growing trend is the increasing popularity of private label products vs the big brands. We specialize in private label and offer creative advice to help build your brand.



Aspen Sales Group is a team of global networking sales solution specialists dedicated to your company’s growth and success. We specialize in but are certainly not limited to sugar, processed sweet potatoes, processed white potatoes, eggs, pasta and hardwood charcoal. Our passion, dedication, instinct and experience attracts like minded businesses to work with us for a mutually rewarding experience. We remain on the cutting edge of industry trends and news in the marketplace which we share with our clients. It’s not just sales, it’s innovation, market forecasting and relationship building resulting in a profitable experience. We are excited by new challenges and welcome working with you.




We have a logistics department that continually monitors freight costs to provide the best value to our customers regarding transportation. We monitor fuel futures and are constantly abreast of trucking regulations that effect cost. All trailers are fully inspected before any product is loaded and we carefully monitor the truck’s location,

Product Sourcing


Our sales professionals have extensive experience and 30 plus years of networking in the food industry which enables us to globally source any product you need. Our sales network also enables us to move product quickly for you when the need arises. We have a growing list of subscribers who value our email letter for the latest market information and opportunities. Subscribe today!
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