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Exciting times here at Aspen Sales Group as our hard work pays off to help you! When you are passionate about what you do you attract likeminded people and your business grows. We are working on numerous new product launches and can’t wait to introduce them into the market place.

Today’s consumers are looking for Organic and Non-GMO foods. The FDA is working on new guidelines that reduce your daily sugar intake. This is so important for manufacturers of food and beverage companies to pay attention to. Consumers are aware of the health dangers in artificial sweeteners and are moving away from them looking for a better option. While the stevia sweeteners are a better choice they are still falling short on taste. The stevia sweeteners have to add flavors back to the product to enhance the taste but this results in an after taste and the added flavors come from GMO sources.

Consumer surveys and studies all reveal that despite the health benefits in the end if the food or beverage doesn’t taste good consumers won’t buy it. Taste is paramount!

The GREAT NEWS is that now thanks to Sonny Berry of Ecosweet you can have your cake and eat it too! Aspen Sales Group is delighted to be working with Sonny to launch a brand new sweetener that is indeed both good for you and tastes fantastic. Introducing Lite Sugar, a clean label sweetener made of just cane sugar and stevia and has only 3 calories per serving! The patent pending process Sonny invented allows him to produce this sugar and stevia without any after taste or added flavors. Lite Sugar is diabetic friendly and available in Organic, Natural, Baking Blend and Fiber Blend. We are thrilled to be working with Sonny and this amazing sweetener will soon be available in retail grocery stores, club stores and food service.

We will be announcing another new product launch of Hardwood Charcoal. Stay tuned……….

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