White Potato Products

Aspen Sales Group Sweet Potatoes with Protein

Frozen Potato Products

The ever popular Potato is available from Aspen Global Enterprises in all shapes and sizes. Crispy on the outside and deliciously creamy texture on the inside. From Steak Houses to the
corner Food Truck, everyone loves a great fry. Our IQF potato products are consistent in size, taste and texture, at a price point that will surprise and excite you. Perfect for food service and retail, available for private label.

  • Hash Brown Patties
  • Shoe String French fries
  • Crinkle Cut French fries
  • Steak Cut French fries
  • 3/8 Straight Cut French fries

  • Coated Straight Cuts
  • Seasoned Wedges
  • Skin on Wedges
Aspen Sales Group White Potatoes

Breakfast Potatoes

Diced or Shredded, These IQF breakfast potatoes will keep them coming back for more. We have White Potato – DIced and Shreds, as well as O’Briens done 4 ways, Diced White Potato Skin-Off O’Brien, Diced Sweet Potato O’Brien, also introducing our New Diced Red Skin-On O’Brien, and New White Shredded O’Brien. All with a perfect blend of Diced Onion, Red & Green Diced Peppers for a savory breakfast mix.

Processed in the North East portion of the US. We specialize in customized pack sizes, available for your own private label, food service or retail.

  • Diced White Potatoes
  • Shredded White Potatoes
  • O’Brien Sweet Potatoes
  • O’Brien White Potatoes
  • NEW! O’Brien Red Skin-On Potatoes
  • NEW! O’Brien Shredded White Potatoes

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Aspen Global Enterprises Diced White Potatoes

Aspen Global Enterprises Shredded White Potatoes

Aspen Global Enterprises O'Brien Sweet Potatoes

Aspen Global Enterprises O'Brien White Potatoes

Aspen Global Enterprises O'Brien Red Skin-On Potatoes

Aspen Global Enterprises O'Brien Shredded White Potatoes

Processed Frozen Sweet Potato Products

Aspen has the best sweet potato products meeting the highest and healthiest quality on the market. Non-GMO, Organic, Gluten Free are important distinctions for today’s educated and health-conscious consumer. Private labeling is a service we offer. Contact us today to see how we can build your brand.

As experts in sweet potatoes, our product line continually evolves to meet the consumer’s desires for more delicious side dishes made from the sweet potato with all it’s great health benefits.

  • Coated Sweet Potato Plank Cut
  • Coated Sweet Potato Shoestring Cut
  • Coated Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut
  • Non-GMO French Fries
  • Organic French Fries
  • Gluten Free French Fries
  • IGL Sweet Potato Diced in non-GMO and Organic, available in 1/2″, 3/8″ & 3/4″






A French classic: the Potato Gratin is sheer perfection as an elegant accompaniment with all your entrées. The Potato Gratin is made from premier selected ingredients creating a sumptuous smooth, melting side dish.

Comes in 2 varieties. Frozen in Individual sized servings making them easy to handle, and fast to prepare; dressing your plate nicely. The potato gratin – sophisticated in presentation yet practical in portion control. For food service and retail.

Aspen Global Enterprises Gratin Potatoes